Resort-style Living


Development Features

  • The new trend in modern living that Ascend to Midstream offers, is underscored by 24/7 backup electricity generators and a 24-month maintenance warranty.
  • Ascend to Midstream falls within the management, control and security system of the Midfield Home Owners Association and will benefit from the shared services and facilities of the greater Midstream.
  • Access and security will be provided from the existing Midfield Estate security gatehouse.
  • Midfield HOA levies will be payable at 60% of the monthly Midfield full title home levy.
  • The Ascend to Midstream Body Corporate is managed by the Midfield HOA and includes the management and administration of the body corporate, buildings, communal areas, facilities, rules, finances, etc.

Exclusive Shared Living Spaces

Most unique to Ascend to Midstream are the Exclusive Shared Living Spaces available for use by residents and their guests.

Each block features:

  • Stylish entrance lobby and lounge, with lifts.
  • Communal workspace and meeting rooms for professionals to execute their craft and to network.
  • Multimedia cinema room, also linked to the high-speed fibre optic network.
  • Rooftop Entertainment area and swimming pool, overlooking the central park.
  • MasterChef kitchen and pizza oven to host your guests and awaken your inner chef.

The Ascend to Midstream Club

The new Ascend to Midstream Club with Outdoor Lounge, Gym and 20m Swimming pool – exclusively for our residents to use and enjoy.

Bringing the Ascend to Midstream community together - Blending wellness and relaxation to bring you luxury resort-style living.


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